Big Weed author Christian Hageseth is the visionary behind the Colorado Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater - Colorado's first weedery. He is also the Founder and President of the award-winning marijuana business, Green Man Cannabis, based in Denver, CO.

Who Should Read This Book

Big Weed is intended to speak to a lot of different people. But those who’ll get the most out of it are people like this:

  • Enterpreneurs of all stripes who are considering starting any new venture, or who are considering entering the cannabis industry in particular
  • Investors who have heard from their friends, attorneys, and accountants that cannabis is the hot new thing but who are hesitant about parting with their money until they learn more about the industry
  • Middle managers and small business owners who are interested in seeing how someone made the transition from a small business to a multimillion-dollar corporation
  • Employers who are interested in motivating or educating staffers with stories of success
  • Longtime marijuana lovers (and haters) who are intrigued by the big business that has literally grown around this strange little plant
  • Observers who are fascinated by the shift in American society and who are eager to learn more

Excerpts from “Big Weed”

“The charm of the industry as it currently exists is that a customer can walk into a dispensary, buy something to smoke, and know the provenance of that product. Chances are, that product will have been locally produced and nurtured in the most natural way possible, with minimal pesticide use.”


“If you are too risk-averse, you never learn anything. Failures are instructive. They force us to grow. If you could teach all there was to know about business in a business school, every new start-up would succeed. But that’s impossible. Failures are the critical 90 percent – the stuff they can’t teach in school.”


“I found myself thinking, ‘The Steve Jobs of marijuana is here. I don’t know who he or she is, but they’re in this room right now.” And no doubt, somewhere in Washington State, at a similar party in the future, the Jeff Bezos or Howard Schultz of marijuana would be in attendance. In the coming years, the major players of this new industry are going to emerge, and they will surprise the larger world of business with their achievements.”

“Twenty years from now, when the cannabis industry is old hat and everyone looks back, they’ll see that we were the ones who set the standard. When we started, it was a blank canvas, a block of marble, the silence of a song that had yet to be written. What we do with this opportunity will be guided by our visions, free will, and the decisions we make.”


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