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Big Weed author Christian Hageseth is an entrepreneur and a visionary. He is the Founder and Chairman of American Cannabis Partners and CEO and Chairman of Green Man Cannabis, LLC, a two-time winner of the Cannabis Cup — the marijuana industry’s highest award for product excellence. He is also creator of the Colorado Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater, Colorado’s first weedery, scheduled to open its doors in 2016. Mr. Hageseth has worked in the marijuana industry full time since July of 2009 when he founded TGM Beneficial Care, LLC, the predecessor company of Green Man Cannabis, LLC. He has been a long time advocate for the liberalization and legalization of marijuana, pushing for heightened public education and awareness of the industry and its realities. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.


Additional Projects


Creating Colorado’s First Weedery

Visit the Colorado Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater Online

The Colorado Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater is Colorado’s first weedery. It is a world-class destination featuring marijuana cultivation, education and entertainment. The Colorado Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater, which will open its doors in 2016, will feature tours through an award-winning marijuana grow facility, a restaurant and rooftop bar, and an amphitheater.


The Finest Legal Cannabis

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Founded in 2009, Green Man Cannabis is Colorado’s premier brand of marijuana, striving to achieve the highest levels of quality, selection, and customer service at competitive prices. It is a two-time winner of the Cannabis Cup, the highest award for excellence in the legal marijuana industry. Green Man Cannabis currently holds 5 Colorado Medical Marijuana State Business Licenses, while operating two dispensaries and three state-of-the-art grow facilities.

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